Written by Jennifer Sertl, Founder, Agility3R

A year ago not many people were using the #metaverse hashtag, today as I am writing this there have been 2,430 tweets within the last hour.

We are in a 21st century gold rush where the precious metals are codified images, cryptocurrency mining, and the claiming of conceptual space in Web 3.0.

It is no longer country vs. country or city vs. city. Ideas, instead are countries. Those who have ideas that gain traction will be able to put up a virtual flag and engage a platform of participants that transcend geography and political affiliation. Affinity in ideology is what creates momentum in this new space.
Traditional brands are racing to capture the intellectual property rights to this new entity.

Take an old mindset to a new technology, you will get an iterated version of the old technology.
Take a new technology and breathe a new mindset into it and you will get innovation.
The opportunity that we have with this new capability requires a new vocabulary.
What has me most excited about this new space are the terms decentralised. distributed
In the context of my interpretation:

Decentralized refers to activities that are not controlled from one central location but happens in many different places.

Distributed refers to activities that allow for multiple points of participation.

There is a real opportunity to engage a cross section of like minded individuals and accelerate causes in ways that are being imagined for the first time.

A lot of people are excited about the implications of the technologies fueled by this new mindset. I am most excited about the implications of cause based strategies.

There has never been a more impactful moment than now for community builders, artists and activists to inspire, engage and connect participation in the noosphere.

As I was scanning the macro for unique ways that Web 3.0 was enabling cause based strategies,
I happened upon House of First led by Zeev Klein. Many of you may know Zeev Klein from his decades of work with the Social Innovation Summit and the ways his community was a force behind the tipping point that required companies to look beyond profitability to how they are impacting employees, communities and even the Earth. Instead of social cause being a unique competitive advantage for business, today business is punished if there is no explicit commitment to people, purposes of the planet.

It is no surprise that Zeev Klein and his team have launched into the metaverse with a cause based platform House of First. The premise of House of First is to partner and curate thoses who are building value in the metaverse connecting art, blockchain and culture. With the dual focus of the aesthetic combined with purpose, it will be fun to learn all the aspects of engagement in this new territory.
An example of the intersection of art, blockchain and culture is the upcoming NFT drop called The Remarkable Women NFT with artwork by Rachel Winter. The cause and at the aesthetic were so compelling, I took the clumsy steps to mint my first NFT.

My passions are Web3 culture and cause based strategies in the metaverse.
Please ping me on either of these two themes.

This is new territory where we all have a voice and can create new ways to engage.

In the rigor,

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